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Boating Regulations

Lake Sundown is both deep enough and large enough to support nearly any size boat. The lake currently offers one boat launch on the north-side of the lake. The lake is private meaning that only owner's and owner's guest may use the lake. To maintain the privacy and quality of the lake the following boating regulations are enforced on the lake.

Boating regulations on Lake Sundown - Iowa

Revised November 1, 2014
  1. All boats & personal watercraft (PWC), etc., motorized & non-motorized, shall comply with Iowa Coast Guard rules regarding fire extinguishers, life jackets, & number of people aboard. All operators of motorized boats & PWC will be at least 16 years of age.
  2. All property owners will be allowed two motorized watercraft per lot owned & annual Association dues are paid. Each of the two motorized watercraft must have current Sundown Lake boat/PWC stickers permanently affixed to the motorized watercraft. NO motorized watercraft will be allowed on Sundown Lake without a current Sundown Lake boat/PWC sticker permanently affixed to it. The property owner is personally responsible for any watercraft he/she attaches his/her assigned boat/PWC stickers to.
  3. The speed limit shall be a safe speed for the conditions of the lake at the time. There shall be strict observation of all NO WAKE areas & specially marked buoys. If you are operating your boat or PWC, etc. within 50 feet of shore, NO WAKE provisions apply.
  4. Skiing Regulation:
    1. Boats, skiers, tubes, PWC, etc. must not get closer than 50 feet of any dock or buoys.
    2. Skiing from docks is strictly prohibited.
    3. There must be a driver and an observer in all vessels pulling skiers, tubers, and etc. no exceptions.
    4. Absolutely no skiing or tubing after sundown.
  5. The operation of personal watercraft (PWC or Jet Skis) shall be limited to the time of 9:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
    1. Zigzagging (radical turns) for the purpose of chasing wakes/waves or jumping wakes or waves with PWC is prohibited on the lake.
    2. PWC maneuvers (i.e., donuts, cookies, etc.) which do not allow a forward progression are prohibited on the on the lake on weekends and holidays. Such maneuvers shall be permitted on the weekday.
  6. Operating any vessel while intoxicated will not be tolerated.
  7. Vessels not permitted on Sun Down Lake:
    1. Boats with a sanitary system capable of discharging waste into lake.
    2. Under no conditions will any boat be used as a dwelling.
    3. Open exhausted boats except for personal watercraft.
    4. Para-sailing
    5. A motorized boat/PWC not properly registered or without current Sundown Lake stickers.
    6. Only ATVs & snowmobiles are allowed on lake ice.
  8. Swim Platforms:
    1. Swim platform usage is limited to NO WAKE ZONES and must have a removable anchor system adequate to hold platform.
    2. No buoyed anchor systems will be permitted.
    3. Platforms extending beyond line of docks must be pulled back to shore or secured to the dock so they do not extend beyond the line of docks from dusk to dawn.
    4. Platforms must be inspected & approved by the Sundown Lake Owners’ Association before being put into the water & lot numbers must be on the platform.
  9. Property owners are responsible to see that they & their guests follow all Boating & Safety Regulations & respect Sundown Lake property. Property owners will be subject to a $100 fine for a violation of these boating rules for their own, as well as their guests’ violations.