Jason Kok

Real Estate Broker
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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is an acre?

An acre of land is 43,560 square feet? A good analogy for this is an acre is a little larger than the playing area of a football field.

Why is a survey important?

Many customers that we work with assume that all property is surveyed. This is not the case. Make sure when buying land that you know what is included. When buying acreage ask if it has been surveyed. Make sure that all the corners on the property are clearly defined.

When should i schedule an appointment?

I am available seven days a week to show you property. All of the property will be shown by appointment only. My schedule is flexible to work around yours. Call today for a free land consultation. I have walked every property in our inventory, so by chatting with you we can make a determination of which properties you should take a look at.

Does the property have electric?

If you are looking at raw land that is privately owned this should be a huge concern. To avoid unexpected costs later on, check out where the nearest power is located.

What type of zoning exists?

Many counties are changing their requirements for building on rural acreages. Our company puts in a lot of hard work to ensure that every property is suitable for a single family residence.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance is provided with each purchase through our company. Title insurance determines liens, back taxes, and easements that could have an affect on your purchase.

Should I get preapproved for financing?

Finding a bank that will finance vacant land can be difficult. What is important when financing land is the amount that is comfortable for you to put down, and what you can afford for a monthly payment. Many customers decide to use local lenders when purchasing property with us.