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Top 20 Land Buyer Questions for 2018

Posted by Jason Kok | February 22, 2018
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  1. How is the property accessed? (Road frontage, deeded easement, etc..)
  2. Are there any water features on the property? Seasonal or year round (rivers, creek, lake, springs)
  3. Are utilities available to the property? (i.e water, electric, septic)
  4. What types of trees are on the property? (variety, age, planted or natural)
  5. Has the property been surveyed? (make sure if surveyed that it is a certified map?)
  6. Who are the neighbors surrounding the tract? (is Quality Deer Management in place)
  7. Can I get a clear title abstract to the property? (Iowa is an abstracting state)
  8. Do the timber, mineral and water rights convey with the sale?
  9. Are there any easements on the property? (adjoining owners, conservation, utility)
  10. Are there any known environmental concerns or latent defects with the property?
  11. How is this property zoned? (agricultural, residential, commercial?)
  12. What are the annual property taxes?
  13. Have the owners received notice from any governmental agency about possible assessments or actions in the near future that would affect this property?
  14. Will the property be conveyed subject to covenant and restrictions? (If so, what are they?)
  15. How does the land lay (topography)? (slopes, bottomland, elevation change, etc…)
  16. Are there internal roads and trails?
  17. Do all of the improvements to the property convey with the sale? (gates and fences, shooting houses, out buildings, etc…)
  18. Does the land drain well or does it stay wet for much of the year?
  19. If I had to sell this property again in a year, is it desirable to other potential buyers?
  20. Can I pee off my porch in privacy the true measure of seclusion:)?
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Jason has been in the real estate business for over 20 years. He currently lives in Southern Iowa in a log cabin that overlooks Lake Sundown with his family which includes his wife and 5 children. Growing up in southern Wisconsin he developed an appreciation for the outdoors. This influences his career decision to sell land and provide others with the opportunity to live in a place they truly love. Jason deals with listings in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota with his main goal being to help you find a property that will stay in your family for many generations.

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