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10 Things that Make Sundown Lake Unique

Posted by Jason Kok | January 30, 2017
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  1. Private Lake– Most Midwest states have laws that require lakes to be open or have an access point for the public to use and access it from. Sundown Lake is unique in that all  of the land that surrounds the lake’s shoreline is 100% private that allows the lake to limit the number of people who have access to the lake and makes this one special place for those who can afford to live here.
  2. Private Roads– Because the lake is private when the lake was successfully developed by Secluded Land Company in 2005-2016 many of the interior roads were built to town/county specifications but they are private meaning that the Sundown Lake Home Owners have a responsibility to maintain each road on the interior of the development.
  3. Building- There are protective covenants in place to protect the integrity of the development.  It is important to obtain a copy of the current covenants to make sure that you have a firm understanding of the requirements for building at Sundown Lake.  There is no timeline as to when you are required to build on a lot, but once you decide what you would like to build it has to meet the minimum standards of the development and gain approval.
  4. Camping- Sundown Lake allows long and short term camping but doesn’t allow you to leave a camper on your property unattended for more than 48 hours.  So camp for as many days as you wish as long as you attend the camper within that time limit.  Take the camper with you or store it locally there are options.
  5. Hunting– on your own private property their are no special rules or restrictions outside of the Iowa State and DNR that prevent or prohibit hunting your private land.
  6. Fishing- Because Sundown Lake is private the Home Owners have the ability to set rules and administer stocking plans to help make Sundown Lake a great fishery for all owners.
  7. Boating- Only two motorized boats are allowed per lot at Sundown Lake.  All motorized watercraft must have sticker and be registered with the Home Owners Association to be allowed on the lake.
  8. Surveyed Lots- When Secluded Land Company initially sold lots starting in 2005 all of the properties surrounding the lake were surveyed prior to being conveyed by them to new owners.  These survey maps provide a great reference for all current and future lot owners to determine exactly where property lines are located.  A professional surveyor should easily be able to help relocate any original monuments.
  9. Size of the Development – The entire Sundown Lake area is comprised of over 2,800 acres with over 400 acres submerged as the lake. The remaining acreage (2400 acres) is divided into roughly 350 buildable lots.
  10. Wildlife– Whether you are a hunter, fisherperson, birdwatcher, or just love seeing wildlife in a natural state Sundown Lake a unique environment for everyone.  From Whitetail deer to Wild Turkey Bald Eagles to Pelicans Sundown has a unique experience to offer nearly everyday.
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