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Welcome to the IALandForSale.com blog. Here you will find all of the latest information and what is happening around Iowa Land For Sale and Lake Sundown. Check back often and if you have any questions about land for sale in the state of Iowa or Lake Sundown give us a call. Also make sure and like us on Facebook and stay connected on LinkedIn.

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  • Weeds that are good for you in the woods

    Posted by Jason Kok | April 8, 2014
    Categories: News

    I love the spring because I love new growth, or new beginnings. Its the “kapha” time of year. Mother earth begins to awaken all her little darlings, one by one….

    We need the seasons, too. Just as the earth rejuvenates itself…and so do our bodies. Eating and experiencing life through the seasons is vital to our inner being.

    Today I asked my kids to go out and find something that mother earth has awakened. (I was trying to finish dishes and start a load of laundry…Ithought the “quest” would keep them busy for a few…lol..) Within a few minutes, they came screaming and running and I thought someone got hurt! Instead, it was the pure excitement of their findings..lol…

    They found me the first sprouts of stinging Nettle. 

    Most people have met nettle for the first time while hiking or exploring in the woods and they remember their first sting by brushing too close to “sister spinster”.  The sting from nettle is formic acid reacting on our skin, from the tiny hairs along the stem and under the leaves of the plant. Not to worry, though, the irritation will resolve itself in about a half an hour. If you absolutely cannot bear it, then crush the stalk of the nettle plant and rub the juice of the plant on your “sting”…the pain will be gone within seconds. 

    Aside from the nasty reputation Nettle has been given, the plant has a long list of nutritional and medicinal uses. It is one of my favorite herbs.

    Nettle is an excellent source of iron – full of vitamins and minerals, a substitute for rennet, compost activator, aids digestion and inflammatory/ rheumatic complaints, allergies, urinary system, skin and scalp tonic, strengthens hair and nails….and so much more!

    Once boiled, or cooked, the formic acid is neutralized. It won’t sting you. Use the Nettle’s leaves and stems as you would cooked spinach…try soufflés, lasagna, stir fry, quiche, casseroles etc. It is so yummy!

    Wear gloves when you harvest nettle, taking the top 6 inches. The spring season is upon us, time to eat as much of the fresh wild greens as you can. It is definitely worth researching and getting to know Nettle…
    but be careful… she is very playful! Lol…

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  • Shed Hunting Sundown Lake Southern Iowa

    Posted by Jason Kok | February 24, 2014
    Categories: News

    On Saturday February 22nd I was showing property to David Stifel and his son Jack.  Earlier in the day I had mentioned that conditions were good for us to find some horns so we were on the look out.  Low and behold on our last stretch of bedding area per Dave’s suggestion we were able to score Jack this matching set of antlers.

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  • Honey Creek Resort turns profit

    Posted by Jason Kok | January 14, 2014
    Categories: News

    A recent article in the Des Moines Register supporting the Honey Creek resort in Appanoose County Iowa offers encouraging news on the only state run resort in Iowa.  The Honey Creek resort is a lodge style resort located on the north shores of Rathbun Lake

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  • Celebrating 2013

    Posted by Jason Kok | December 31, 2013
    Categories: News

    2013 was a great year for us here at IA Land for Sale. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new people while showing properties and was able to make sales for many of them. It was amazing to see all of the changes happening at Sundown Lake with new construction of houses and numerous improvements being made to lakefront owners’ shorelines.

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